Health and fitness coaching

The most effective treatment healthcare can offer? Lifestyle.

It’s never too late to be healthy

Lifestyle plays an important role in our health and is a integral component in achieving lasting wellbeing. How hc can help

Science Based

As a national board certified health and wellbeing coach, my practice is founded on the rigorous and extensive research in Health Behavior Change, Positive Psychology, and Lifestyle Medicine.

Outcomes Focused

My practice combines the personalized experience of one-to-one coaching, with follow-up support to help you stay on track at home.  The results can be life-changing.

Health Behaviors

Our work together is centered around three domains: physical activity, nutrition, and resiliency, helping you reach your goals faster than you might imagine

Discover lifelong health that fits your life


Achieving Goals

Your personal wellness vision is tailored to your goals, as well as your life and what works for you, so you stay on track to your personal north star.

Evidence Based

Biohacking? Juice cleanse? I stay on top of the real research, to save you from being sidelined by the latest fads.


Client as expert. Coach as guide. Collaborative, dynamic, supportive, some more things.

Positively ______

Something about UPR, positive psychology, or some buzzwords from other theories…the scientific study of human flourishing and optimal functioning

One more here

Experience the support and motivation of a group, and the camaraderie that comes from pursuing a common goal.

Lifelong Health & Wellness

The only thing better than meeting your health and fitness goals? Achieving them for a lifetime.


This is your time – spend it asking questions, discussing challenges, setting goals, working on stress management and resiliency, or participating in a guided exercise session.

Health Coaching

As a national board certified health and wellbeing coach, I can help you set realistic goals, design lifestyle experiments, overcome barriers, and stay true to your plan.

Fitness Training

Build fitness with safe, effective exercises. Your workout is personalized around your current starting point and your desired physical activity goals.

Small Group Workouts

Experience the camaraderie of group training, prevent injury and stay motivated with safe, knowledgeable, and supportive fitness training. Private group options available.

From our clients (and btw it’s mutual)

Dawna truly cares and is the kind of person who goes above and beyond to help her clients reach their goals.

– S.M.

I’ve added movement and strength back into my body in a way that feels safe and is clearly beneficial!

– Lori B.

What I thought would be an 8 week commitment became long term because I found the spark that was missing!

– Patty Z.

She has helped me stay strong and motivated through hip, knee and back surgery.

– Nici L.

Experience counts! Dawna has a tool for every situation you will encounter on the way to reaching your goals.

– Serena R.

She gave me the tools, held me accountable, and gave me confidence though her support & encouragement.

– Gina C.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you