Online Small Group Training

We’re Stronger Together, join us!

We make it easy to exercise from anywhere

We offer small group strength training via video. Join us to experience the support and motivation of a group workout, and the caring of an experienced trainer… all from the convenience of your home!

Join a Workout Group

Experience the camaraderie of group training as you get stronger, build sustainable new habits, prevent injury and stay motivated with our safe, knowledgeable, and supportive online fitness training.

Start a Private Group

Get together a group of friends, near or far, and create your a private workout group tailored to fit your schedule.  Designed for 2-8 people, these workouts are customized to the level and needs of the group.

Workout Group + Health Coaching

We believe that each individual has untapped capacity for change. In this one on one training we’ll work together to define and clarify your goals, and make empowered choices, so you can truly thrive in your life.

Discover life long fitness that fits your life

Workout at home

Our circuit training group strength workouts are via live video chat, so you can do them from anywhere. Your house, your schedule, your outfit.

Small Group Training

Experience the support and motivation of like minded ladies, and the camaraderie that comes from pursuing a common goal.

Habit Coaching

More than just squats & bicep curls, we help you gain the tools to build and sustain healthy new habits that will last you a lifetime.


Achieving Goals

We get to know your goals and dreams, as well as your life and what works for you so we can help you stay on track to your personal north star.

Evidence Based

Biohacking? Juice cleanse? We’ve seen it all. We stay on top of the real research, to save you from being sidelined by the latest fads.

Lifelong Health & Fitness

The only thing better than meeting your health and fitness goals? Achieving them for a lifetime.

No weights required 

Yoga Mat

Exercise Bands

Stability Ball


From our clients (and btw it’s mutual)

I have never stuck with a class for this long before but I keep coming back because it works and I enjoy the group!

– Sheila K.

I’ve added movement and strength back into my body in a way that feels safe and is clearly beneficial!

– Lori B.

What I thought would be an 8 week commitment became long term because I found the spark that was missing!

– Patty Z.

I have become much stronger, gained better balance, and have a better sense of what my body needs.

– Cara S.

Experience counts! Dawna has a tool for every situation you will encounter on the way to reaching your goals.

– Serena R.

She gave me the tools, held me accountable, and gave me confidence though her support & encouragement.

– Gina C.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you